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The original legacy site was offering automatically generated API documentation for the on-premises Coveo for Sitecore 3.0 and Coveo Platform (Coveo Enterprise Search - CES) 7.0/6.5 old products. The site contained numerous topics about available libraries,  frameworks, assemblies and their namespaces,  classes,  methods, members, fields, properties, processors, etc. The topics contained very little comments allowing to help understand their purpose, reducing the content usability. The traffic to this site has always been very low and fading over time. 

 Consequently, the legacy API documentation site accessible has been deprecated in July 2017. 

The deprecated site URLs under the following hostnames are now automatically redirected to this page or a more appropriate child page:


Content Availability 

 The content of the deprecated legacy API documentation site is however still accessible:

For more information on the archived  API documentation for specific products, consult the following topics:

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