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Code Block
  "name": "<SourceDisplayName>",
  "sourceVisibility": "<SHARED|SECURED|PRIVATE>",
  "sourceType": "SHAREPOINT_ONLINE",
  "pushEnabled": true,
  "onPremisesEnabled": true,
  "urls": <["URL", "URL"]>,
  "AuthenticationType": "WindowsClassic|WindowsUnderClaims|SpOnlineNative|SpOnlineFederated|AdfsUnderClaims",
  "crawlScope": "WebApplication|SiteCollection|WebAndSubWebs|List",
  "username": "<User>",
  "password": "<Password>"

Although your SharePoint instance is of the on-premises type, you must enter SHAREPOINT_ONLINE as the sourceType value. This value refers to the version 2 of the SharePoint connector developed by Coveo, and this connector is used both for cloud and on-premises instances.

In the request body, beside providing an adequate value for the the basic properties listed above, make sure to (see Basic Properties):