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The organizationId is the unique and permanent identifier of a Coveo Cloud V2 organization. The organizationId value is the lowercased original display name of the organization, stripped of any special characters and spaces. A sequential number or GUID is added as a suffix if the resulting ID already exists in the Coveo Cloud V2 platform.


Your Coveo Cloud V2 organization is created with My Coveo Search Org as a display name. However, the resulting organizationId value is mycoveosearchorg2 because mycoveosearchorg is the ID of another organization that already existed in the Coveo Cloud V2 platform when your organization was created.


Coveo Cloud V2 administrators can change an organization display name whenever they want, but the organizationId value is permanent. Consequently, the organizationId can be completely different from the current organization display name.

Many Coveo Cloud V2 platform REST API methods require that you provide a value for the organizationId parameter.

You can use the Get all organizations operation to find the organizationId of a Coveo Cloud V2 organization: 

Code Block
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer MyAccessToken

Ensure that:

The body of a successful response contains information about the Coveo Cloud V2 organization (or organizations) your access token allows you to view.


If you authenticate this call using an OAuth2 access token whose associated identity has the Organization - View privilege for more than one Coveo Cloud V2 organization, the body of a successful response contains information about each of those organizations.

Otherwise, if you authenticate this call using a valid API key, the body of a successful response only contains information about the organization this API key was created in.

To find the organizationId, in the response body, look for the id property value of the Coveo Cloud V2 organization.

Code Block
Code Block
title200 OK
    "createdDate": 1460705726000,
    "displayName": "My Coveo Cloud V2 Organization",
    "emailNotificationsEnabled": false,
    "id": "mycoveocloudv2organization", // This is the `organizationId` of the `My Coveo Cloud V2 Organization` organization.
    "owner": {
      "email": ""
    "readOnly": false