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The Coveo .NET Front-End software comes with the Coveo Platform, and provides out-of-the-box ASP.NET controls to render a search user interface (see Installing Coveo .NET Front-End).

The Coveo .NET search user interface is designed to enable extensive customization, therefore responding to the ever-growing needs of the customers. To customize the search interface, you can either use the Interface Editor to modify options that affect the behavior of the built-in search controls, or you can even create a new skin according to your specific needs (see Search Interfaces and Skins).

The Interface Editor (Do more menu > Edit this Interface) is certainly the easiest way to customize the search interface (see Interface Editor). However, because it is a GUI tool, there are certain limitations. This approach is strongly recommended to enable or disable standard features, manage facets, change colors, etc.

On the other hand, if more complex modifications are required, such as adding or removing controls, modifying the global layout or the behavior of the search interface using custom code, it is recommended to create a custom skin (see Search Interfaces and Skins) and create custom search controls in order to implement the desired features which are not available out-of-the-box from the .NET Search UI.

This section of the documentation describes how to customize the search interface using the second approach.

Even if it is possible to customize the search interface using the two approaches simultaneously, it is recommended to use only one of them at a time, as the two may conflict in some circumstances. Therefore, to perform advanced customizations, use the second approach from the start.

Everything that can be done through the Interface Editor can also be done directly from within a custom skin.