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On a Coveo search interface, a result template tells you exactly how search results are displayed (e.g. display name, modification date, printable URI, etc.). It can be easily modified to allow a full range of customization options.

The following sections explains how to modify the default template, thus allowing you to display items differently based on their template.


  1. Ed Kapuscinski said:

    I'd love to have a section here describing clickURI vs printableURI, and how to control the contents of the <div class='CoveoPrintableUri'></div> div.

    1. Benoit Bernard said:

      Ed Kapuscinski:

      The Printable URI is rendered by the PrintableUri Component, whereas the Clickable URI is rendered by the ResultLink Component.

      It seems that there's no "clean" way to modify/override their content (label and link). However, you could create your own link using a standard result template and by defining your own labels/links for each search result (see Query Results for a list of properties).

      Does it answer your question?