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The Coveo Usage Analytics module allows you to log custom metadata in addition to the metadata already being logged by default.

This page explains how you can easily add custom metadata for your Coveo Search Page.



  1. Using the Content Editor or Page Editor, edit the properties of the Coveo Search component present in your Coveo Search Page.
  2. In the Coveo Usage Analytics Custom Metadata section, add the name of your custom metadata with its corresponding value.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Save and publish your page.
  5. Perform a query and verify that it is properly logged in the Coveo Usage Analytics module.


    If you have just done the configuration, you should see a query count of 2.

  6. Once a query is sent to Coveo Usage Analytics module, the dimension name will be suggested in the Add a Dimension section.


    Note that the name of the custom metadata is in lower case. This means that metadata names are not case sensitive. Assigning a value to either custommetadata or CustomMetadata will end up as the same dimension.

  7. Validate that you now have a value appearing for the newly added custom metadata.


    As you can see, the first query done in the configuration does not have a value for CustomMetadata, but the second one does have the value CustomValue.

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