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The Coveo JavaScript Search Interface Editor needs to send HTTP requests to your Salesforce instance host. The Salesforce instance host changes from one organization to another. By default, the host of your Salesforce instance is considered a remote site from an Apex code point of view. A host accessed from Apex code must be whitelisted otherwise Salesforce prevents calls to this host. You must therefore add your Salesforce host as a remote site in your Salesforce organization to allow the search page to communicate with your Salesforce organization. 

The JavaScript Search Interface displays the following message when you try to create a search page and your Salesforce organization host is not yet configured as a remote site: 

You must add "[URL to add]" to your remote site list to be able to create or delete a search page... 

To whitelist the host of your Salesforce organization

  1. Log in to your Salesforce organization with an administrator account.
  2. Add your Salesforce organization host as a Remote Site (see Adding Remote Site Settings). 
  3. In the Remote Site Edit page: 
    1. In the Remote Site Name box, enter a descriptive name of your choice (without spaces). 
    2. In the Remote Site URL box, enter the URL of your Salesforce host, as reported in the message. 
    3. Click Save.