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The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework allows developers to easily deploy and customize a feature-rich client-side search interface in any web page, application, or standalone site to present results from a Coveo Cloud or on-premises index. The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework is also bundled with other Coveo products such as Coveo for Salesforce and Coveo for Sitecore. 

The Coveo JavaScript Framework is essentially a block of HTML and CSS defining a layout to organize a set of components. Components such as a search box, facets, tabs, or result sort options are used as building blocks to define your search interface (see Components). You can add, remove, move, and customize components within the page. The components are defined in HTML using a special syntax allowing you to modify a set of options. Components also expose JavaScript APIs allowing you to perform more advanced customization. 

The JavaScript Search Framework space contains working examples and detailed reference documentation for basic and advanced functionality. 

To get up and running with this framework start with Getting Started with the JavaScript Search Framework V0.9!

If you have questions, you can use our public Q&A site available at


The following screen capture shows an All.html out-of-the-box search page that comes connected to a demo index.

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