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Coveo offers a few search interface customization/development alternatives. The following table summarizes the options and provides links for more detailed information. 

AlternativeDescriptionAdvantagesWhen to use

JavaScript Search Framework

The latest addition to the Coveo solutions. An easy-to-deploy and flexible JavaScript framework providing most search interface features. Connects to the Coveo index through a new REST Search API.
  • Easy integration of feature-rich search interface into any website
  • Easy search interface customization

  • When you need to quickly get a client side feature-rich search interface.
  • When you need to easily customize and control the search interface HTML and CSS.

.NET Search UI Home  

Ready to use full-featured out-of-the-box search interfaces that can be customized through an administrator UI but also by developers through CSS, skin, and .NET control modifications.

  • When you want to easily deploy full-featured search interfaces
  • When the out-of-the-box search interfaces are close to the desired look and feel and imply relatively limited Coveo .NET solution customization.
  • When you do not need to implement an MVC model and can live with the rigid HTML rendered by the Coveo controls. 

Search SOAP API Home

A full-featured search web service that dispatches queries to the Coveo index and returns corresponding search results.

  • Full featured Search SOAP API
  • Total freedom to query the Coveo index and use search results according to your needs.

  • When you want to build a custom application that uses the full power of the Coveo index.
  • When you want to build your own search interface, using your own development stack.
  • When you must implement a search interface following a mock up and want full control on the implementation.
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