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CES converters are responsible for extracting content and metadata from the documents gathered by the CES connectors. Once a document is converted, it can be added to the index to make it available for user queries. While CES comes with a fully functional conversion process, it can easily be enhanced and tweaked using converters, preconversion scripts and postconversion scripts.  


CES native converters support sevaral document types (see Supported File Formats). Custom converters are .NET, VBScripts, or JScripts that convert a document from an unsupported format to a format for which CES has a native converter (see Custom Converters). This functionality enables CES to index documents from any format.

Preconversion and Postconversion Scripts

Conversion scripts are VBScripts or JScripts used to manipulate document content and metadata before (preconversion) or after (postconversion) conversion (see Conversion Scripts). For example, conversion scripts can be used to update the extracted key concepts of documents.

Two types of conversion scripts exist:

Only one global preconversion and postconversion script can be applied to the index at a time; moreover, only one source preconversion and postconversion script can be applied per source.

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