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CES features an API that enables the development of additional connectors. The Connector API allows developers to write their own connectors-simple but efficient ones, as well as more complex ones-in order to crawl specific objects, repositories, etc. that are not supported by CES. Coveo uses the API to develop its own connectors.

The following documentation details how to develop a connector and add specific features:

  • Building a Connector
    This section consists of step-by-step procedures explaining how to build a simple connector from scratch that will index specific documents.

  • Advanced Topics
    This section contains additional information concerning the advanced features of the API, including incremental refreshPause/Resume, etc.

  • Interfaces
    This section describes in details the different interfaces available for the connectors as well as the way to implement them.

  • General Knowledge
    This section contains general information useful to understanding the API, as well as different concepts helpful to write a good connector.




Once your connector is built, you can install it in your CES instance from the Administration Tool (see Adding a Connector).

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